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E Y E S ON F I R E     


Art Gallery

Gali Valkova is an extraordinarily rare and sui generis artist. She is a Master in a wide variety of Fine Contemporary Art forms, fiercely utilizing unlimited mediums within her Eyes On Fire world. The intensity and energy projected from her work is powerful, magnificent and electrifying, for it has turbulently captured the infinite soul and the fire spirit of the artist herself.

A true multi-dimensional and award winning artist, Gali Valkova has contributed to the art world a tremendous cornucopia of treasures. Her significant signature is that, in all of the various forms of the arts, she seamlessly unleashes and simultaneously unites, unanticipated styles and even unconventional genres into completely brilliant and harmoniously accomplished master pieces, which are in a completely new class of their own. A class that stands out as creatively superior and unmistakably “So Gali”.


Cynetropia this is the name of this painting that will never exist nowhere else because it cannot be reproduced replicated in exactly the same forum. I didn't even get the chance to name it then, so now I am making up a word which does not exist in reality and belongs only to this painting it arrives from the Greek word synergy and the wild weather in the tropics. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you