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E Y E S ON F I R E     


The Atrist Gali Valkova and The Eyes on Fire World

A true multi-dimensional and award winning artist, Gali Valkova has contributed to the art world a tremendous cornucopia of treasures. Her significant signature is that, in all of the various forms of the arts, she seamlessly unleashes and simultaneously unites, unanticipated styles and even unconventional genres into completely brilliant and harmoniously accomplished master pieces, which are in a completely new class of their own. A class that stands out as creatively superior and unmistakably “So Gali”.

The Story

I've loved every minute of my journey


I am an American Artist and I was born in Bulgaria, my first performance on television was at the age of 2 and I grew up as a child theater star, touring and performing in Theaters throughout Bulgaria. That was real work which I never considered as anything other than fun, because I Loved meeting new and exciting people, places and experiencing the colorful, and rich in tradition and folklore, Big world. My heritage has been one of the leading catalysts to my growth as an artist, although I am absolutely convinced that I disappear when I am in my art zone... at the same time I am completely and existentially present in each moment, observing the developing and interacting between the positives and negatives in time, space and the unknowns, yet living without reservations to the fullest. Exhilarating!!!

I guess what I am trying to say is that my art is highly intuitive and deeply subconscious and I never know what I am about to create. I just take it one stroke at the time or one tread at the time or whatever my flavor of the day happens to be in the moment. I let the magic actualize, without any prejudice and with untainted freedom... I simply express.


As an extraordinary poet, a singer-songwriter and a music producer in 2005, her Record Label Company EYES ON FIRE PUBLISHING, released the album'' Eyes on Fire''. Her music style flavorfully incorporates different genres, creating an unforgettable sound, the kind that comes from somewhere back in time, only to live forever in the core of your heart. Her poetry has been featured at the International Poets Library Association, where Valkova has been awarded with the prestigious Editors Choice Award. Gali Valkova also received the honor of being named Finalist for her song, Daddy's Little Girl, by the Song of the Year ( songwriting contest. Song of the Year is an international songwriting contest supporting VH-1's Save the Music Foundation and the judges are some of the biggest names in music including Grammy Award winners, with many of whom she became friends at the Grammy Award ceremony the following year.

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